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About Us...

Opening Times and Session Times

We are open every day(including over the summer holidays) from 08.00 until 17.50 apart from bank holidays and over the Christmas and New Year period.

Our session times are:

Morning sessions

08.00 – 12.50
09.00 – 12.50

Afternoon sessions

13.00 – 16.50
13.00 – 17.50


Our Ethos

We recognise each child and family is unique and aim to value, respect and celebrate this in all aspects of our work. We work from the understanding that children learn best through play with the support of caring and knowledgeable adults. We focus on child led activities, based on each child's individual interests and stage of development. We balance this with adult initiated activities that help children explore their interests further and expand their learning. Children enjoy being active and we ensure that we provide activities that are sensory, tactile and often messy such as digging in the garden or water play.

In all aspects of play, learning and development we work from the basis of what children can do rather than what they can't. By recognising their strengths, skills and abilities we enable each child to develop independence, self esteem and confidence in both themselves and their abilities.

We really enjoy being with the children, watching them grow and develop and sharing this very special time with them. We provide an environment which is safe, warm and nurturing in which children will learn, thrive and develop whilst having fun. Our aim is to help each child discover his or her enthusiasm for learning which in turn will help them lead a fulfilled and happy life.


The Key-worker System Supports Each Individual Child

Every child and family has their own key-worker. We understand starting nursery can be an anxious time so we ensure every child has a named key-worker from their first visit who will support you and your child in settling in and becoming familiar with the nursery environment.

Through interaction, observation and spending time with your child the key-worker will build up a good knowledge of your child's unique personality and their learning and development. The key-worker uses this knowledge to inform the activities and experiences they plan specifically for your child. Your key-worker will usually stay with you throughout your child's time in the unit. If your child moves to another room you will get a new key-worker who will meet with you and your previous key-worker to ensure that they start with a good understanding of your child.


Your Child's Learning Journey within the EYFS

All aspects of our planning for learning and development are based around the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and the six areas of learning which are;

  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Physical
  • Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
  • Creative
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Personal, Social and Emotional.

Observations, recorded by the key-worker, in your child's personal Learning Diary are organised in line with these learning areas. This helps you to see and understand your child's development in relation to particular areas of learning.


Learning Diaries

Your child will have his or her own Learning Diary that charts her or his learning journey throughout their time at the Centre. Your child's Learning Diary contains observations, photos and examples of your child's work.

The Learning Diary is normally kept at nursery but it does belong to you and your child and provides a way of bringing home and nursery together. You are welcome to take the Diary home and we encurage parents and carers to add comments and content from home. It enables us all to share and reflect on each child's celebrations and achievements from both home and nursery. When your child leaves nursery we hope you will take the Learning Diary as a treasured reminder of your child's precious early years.

Your input is really important and valuable to us and your child, so please don't be shy. Come and take a look!

Some parents wonder why some learning diaries are fuller than others. This is simply to do with how much time your child spends at nursery. If your child is here full time we have many more opportunities to record observations and to do activities with your child than if she or he is here for only one or two sessions per week.


Listening to Children

We prioritise listening to children. By listening to children we gain insight and understanding into their world. This helps us to build better relationships with the children and to provide a better service. We consult the children on important aspects of the Centre such as food, toys and books and also in relation to major projects and developments including, for example, the redesign of the garden. While we are often charmed and sometimes can't help smiling at the children's honest and playful view of the world there is an important side to this. Children gain in confidence and self esteem when their views are taken into account. They learn to express their opinion confidently and understand from an early age that what they think matters and can make a difference. They also learn to respect the different opinions of others and in turn become good listeners themselves!


Partnership with Parents

Throughout the Centre we recognise the important role Parents and Carers play as their child's first and fore most educator and understand children really benefit from parents, carers and practitioners working together.

Working in partnership as well as benefitting your child will also have benefits for both us and you as parents/carers. Listening to you and working together ensures we are up to date, knowledgeable and informed about your child. At the same time you can relax, confident in the knowledge that your child is being cared for by knowledgeable and trusted adults.

We have an open door policy and warmly encourage and invite you to take advantage of this and come and spend some time with us. This could be to join a specific activity such as a trip or fun day, to share a skill or just to join in the fun with us and your child. The door is always open and you are always welcome.