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Please click here for an example menu

Food is an important aspect of Centre life. Our food policy is that food at the Centre should be;

  • Nutritious, cooked on the premises from fresh ingredients and fully meet a growing child's nutritional requirements
  • Tasty, varied, cooked with skill and presented attractively
  • As sustainably sourced as possible - wherever possible making use of locally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients
  • Reflective of the diverse heritage and cultures represented at the Centre
  • Take into account as far as is practical, the individual food choices, preferences and dietary requirements of each individual child

The menu for the week is normally displayed on notice boards outside of the rooms. We welcome your suggestions for the menu and any recipe ideas that you have.

We also ask parents to please observe the following;

  • Please advise staff of any food allergies and preferences that your child has
  • Please do not bring food to the nursery unless this is in an unopened container/package from the shop. Unfortunately because we cannot be certain of the ingredients we cannot allow you to bring home-made food to nursery.
  • Please ensure that if your child has been eating immediately prior to attending nursery that you have thoroughly wiped their hands and face of all traces of food. This is because of allergies that other children may have. These can sometimes be quite severe. For example if a child with peanut butter on his/her hands hugs a child with a nut allergy the consequences can be very serious.