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Tiny Tots & Tiny Stars

Tiny Tots and Tiny Stars are our rooms for children from 6 months to 2 years. We work to a ratio of 1:3, one adult to every three children. We understand that many parents find it a wrench to leave their very young children at nursery for the first time. This is why we welcome you to call us at any point in the day. We know that you are very interested in the detail of the day when it comes to your baby or toddler. We provide detailed feedback sheets everyday to let you know what your child ate and how much, when your child was changed, when your child slept and for how long as well as comment on how his or her day has been overall.


Learning and Development in Tiny Tots & Tiny Stars

Tiny Tots & Tiny Stars provide an environment which is safe, nurturing, stimulating and homely. This allows toddlers and babies to explore, learn and most of all have fun. Special things happen in Tiny Tots & Tiny Stars. We are privileged to share in some key milestones around talking, crawling, walking and becoming more independent. We take lots of pictures and record observations for your child's learning diary so you can share in their achievements and experiences.

Both Rooms have 2 bright, vibrant, stimulating and safe playrooms, where babies and young children can play and explore. The rooms are laid out to enable independence and choice, with resources and equipment at child level. We also have sleep rooms with cots and beds so we can mirror routines which are familiar to your baby or young child.

We are also fortunate in having direct access to our own garden. We make almost daily use of this baby and toddler friendly outside space to engage with nature, experience the weather and enjoy messy play.

Each child has her or his own learning diary which records their personal learning journey. These diaries contain observations, pictures and examples of your child's play, learning and development. These diaries are kept at the nursery, however the learning diaries do belong to you and your child. Please feel free to add your own pictures and comments to the learning diary as this can be so valuable in helping to bring nursery and home together. Diaries are always available in the room for you to look at and hopefully contribute to at any time.