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Sunshine Room

Sunshine Room is our bright, vibrant unit for 2-3 year olds. We can have a maximum of 24 children and work to a 1:4 adult to child ratio. The unit comprises of five rooms including; a role play room, sensory room and a sand and water room. We are located on the ground floor in a spacious airy unit which has direct access to the garden.

The rooms are laid out to enable independence and choice, with resources and equipment at the child's level, clearly labelled to promote self selection. There are spaces for busy times and also for quieter moments and the unit has a designated sleep and rest room for those children who need it.

We aim to spend as much time as possible outdoors to make the most of the valuable learning experiences the outdoors can offer including in colder and wetter weather. Please provide clothing for your child for all weathers including a raincoat, wellington boots and a spare set of clothes.

Every child has her or his own peg and drawer with their name and photo making it easy for them to recognise their own peg and hopefully promoting a good sense of ownership and belonging.


Learning and Development in Sunshine

In Sunshine Room we recognise children of 2-3 years need an environment which is safe, warm and nurturing but which also provides opportunities for learning, exploration and of course fun!

Being 2 is a busy time; children are establishing their independence, developing their speech and gaining more control of their bodies. This can also be a challenging time as children are finding their voices, testing different behaviours and learning to manage their emotions, some of which can feel strong and overwhelming. We understand this mixture of reward and challenge and are always on hand to provide support, information or advice on all things toddler, from tantrums and biting to toilet training!