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Rainbow Room

Rainbow unit is for 3–5 year olds. We work with a ratio of 1:8 which means that each key-worker is responsible for the care and education of no more than eight children on any given day. Our unit will be housed in our new extension at the front of the building. The unit has separate learning areas. For example we use our main room for circle times and occasionally registration time. The main room is mainly used as a play area and is large enough for us to be able to store toys and equipment at child level so that the children can choose their own activities.

In our language and number area letters and numbers are brought to life through puzzle solving, construction, calculating challenges, engaging with texts such as story books and early mark making with a variety of media. We ensure children have early experiences with information and communication technology (ICT) so we have a PC as well as MP3 players.

Key workers and their key groups use the small group activity area to explore the particular interests of the children in more detail. We also use this area for a lot of our music making so most of our instruments are to be found here. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets out 6 learning areas that we should focus on to ensure that young children have a balanced and consistent learning experience. Our work with the children especially when we are supporting them to pursue and develop their own interests is closely referenced to the EYFS. The six learning areas are:

  • Communication
  • Language and Literacy
  • Physical
  • Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
  • Creative
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Personal, Social and Emotional

Learning and Development in Rainbow

Our unit is geared up to prepare the children for reception class in their first year at school. All children are unique and we take an individual approach to development. We aim to help the children develop social ability and a love of learning so we place an emphasis on supporting each child's personal, social, and emotional development. We know that when children are socially confident and have a positive attitude towards new challenges and learning that they are more likely to derive satisfaction and achieve in their educational lives. We support the children through consistent messages about behaviour. We help them to pursue and extend their interests and build knowledge and understanding of each individual child through observation and effective interaction.